The Effective Hiring Habits of Entrepreneurs

An important part of growing a business is hiring the best employees. Making a few changes goes a long way towards finding qualified employees. Initially, business owners have to assess how they hire staff members. Often, a small business uses department heads to do the hiring. On the other hand, the business may have a human resources person or department. Whatever the case, the most innovative hiring practices should be used.

Are Your Hiring Practices Working?

A company with effective hiring strategies uses a lot of tools. First, how are you finding job applicants? The hiring habits of entrepreneurs must include social media. People do not look in the newspaper for jobs anymore. Social media is effective because it allows prospective job candidates to see the business. Businesses that have Facebook pages display the job site and current employees. Look at your page and evaluate whether you would want to work for the company. Remember, no one wants to work for a company with a page that is not regularly maintained. Likewise, the business website may need a face-lift. The website should be professional and utilize the latest technology. Of course, job openings should be available on the website.

Needing To Make Some Changes

Employees can influence the hiring habits of small business owners. The wrong people may be in charge of hiring employees. Ask yourself, do your job interviewers present a positive image of the company? Further, do they make other people want to work there? If personnel changes need to be made, make them and move forward.

The Importance Of Job Descriptions

Incorrect job descriptions could be attracting unqualified applicants. Job descriptions should have lots of information about the company and skill sets required for the job. There should be no question about what the company is looking for. Applicants see many job descriptions and something has to attract them before they apply. That is why job duties, qualifications and expectations should be included in the description. For example, at Calvin's Auto Repair, we are all about diesel performance parts, truck repairs and upgrades. We make sure that the job description clearly identifies that experince with auto mechanics and a passion for diesel trucks is a requirment to work for Calvin's.

The Importance of Resumes

One of the best hiring habits of entrepreneurs is knowing how to read a resume. When you read a resume, look for someone who has performed a job like the one you are trying to fill. Resumes tell a lot about a person. Indeed, one should consider candidates who have stayed with a company for two years or more. It takes that long to gain valuable experience no matter what field an employee is in. No one wants to be picky but spelling and grammar should be correct on a resume. Someone who is too lazy to proofread might not be the best person for the job.

Interviewing Skills

Successful small business owners realize the importance of preparing for the interview. Interview teams need to get together before the actual interview. Everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of the interview questions. It is important to focus on the candidate during the interview process. Poor interviewing etiquette includes reading text messages or texting yourself. Further, the company needs to follow-up with candidates after the interview. Send them a nice letter whether they get the job or not. Hiring the wrong people costs businesses a lot of money. That is why it is crucial to evaluate and change hiring practices, if necessary.